What People Are Saying About Our Training

“Our dog Pip is 100+lbs of crazy. We finally decided we need to help him make some BIG changes and hired Jennifer per another dog trainer’s suggestion. We have only done 3 sessions and I am amazed at the changes we have seen in Pip. Jennifer is incredibly thorough, explains things, and is able to help make the training applicable to your lifestyle. I also love that she sends notes at the end of each session to make sure you are able to implement in what the last training session was about as well as go over things you may have forgotten. I HIGHLY recommend Diligent Dogs. It has been worth every penny!!”

Genevieve H. ~ Dog Parent

“Before Diligent Dogs Remy was very out of control. She would bark and growl at people on walks and pull on the leash. She wouldn’t listen to any commands and wouldn’t let guests through the front door without barking and growling the whole time they were there. I sent her to Diligent Dogs for the two week board and train with Jennifer and Heather. When she came back she was a completely different dog. She now listens to commands, doesn’t pull on the leash, and allows guests through the front door without barking and growling. Jennifer and Heather have been true life savers and have given me the tools and knowledge to better understand Remy. I can truly say they went above and beyond in training Remy and working with me.”

Jessica G. ~ Dog Parent

“We can always tell when a dog’s been to Diligent Dogs for training… They are so well mannered when they come into our store! Jennifer Courtner has a great training program and helps create awesome family dogs!”

Pattie Boden. ~ Owner, Animal Connection 

“I only wish I had a before and after video for my dogs. My dog Scout is a really great dog, but I could not go anywhere with him. My walks would end in tears of embarrassment, frustration, and fear that someone would call animal services thinking he was ferocious. I was the girl people avoided in my neighborhood because I had “THOSE DOGS”. Our family members all shook their head in disappointment of our lack of training skills. I am trying to paint the picture of how horrible it was that nobody knew how great my dogs were INSIDE, with my husband and I. Then came Jennifer. We had 6 lessons. Wow. Jennifer came into our home for an evaluation, and since the EVALUATION, changes happened. She trained US how to train our dogs and reclaim our home (they were peeing everywhere), and it has made a world of a difference. I have neighbors (who just moved in so they didn’t see my wild dogs before) saying how my dogs are so well behaved- HA! That took work- so it’s a great feeling!! Kids on bikes can go by now without me having to sit on the ground to hold my dogs back. Dogs can walk by without me having to tug of war while sprinting back to the house with my two dogs fighting each other on their leashes. I EVEN have taken my dogs to wineries and the downtown mall! The best part: I had no idea my bond with my dogs could deepen even more, but it has, and that’s worth more than anything. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and Diligent Dogs. She’s great, and we recommend her all the time, and will do so for years to come. She saved our household!!! Thank you Jennifer!!!!”

Jessica N. ~Dog Parent

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