Puppy Training

  • Looking for help with puppy training? Puppies are cute, playful, lots of fun, but also lots of hard work. Having a puppy can be a more difficult task than you anticipated. Puppy training eliminates bad behavior quickly! Puppy training quickly restores peace and order in your home, enabling you to enjoy your new pet without stress. Let me help you make the transition easier and more enjoyable for the both of you.

    How important is socialization? Some veterinarians will tell you to wait to take your puppy to public places until their 3rd round of vaccinations, but at 8-20 weeks of age puppies are like little sponges that soak up everything there is to see, hear, and feel.

  • That’s why it is so important to get them out and socialize them as much as possible at a young age. Check out this article from the American Veterinary Society on their views of early socialization.

    Of course, taking your puppy to the dog park where it can interact with unknown dogs may not be the best idea, but getting your pup out to parks, walking on busy streets, and in a puppy class where the other pups are healthy and up to date on vaccines are the best things you can do to socialize your puppy in a safe and positive way!

    See our Vermont puppy training programs below to find a plan that’s right for you and your puppy.

    Do you have a puppy 5 months or older?? Check out our Day School or Board and Train options as well!

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 8-20 weeks old – 6 one hour classes 

Get your puppy off on the right foot and join our puppy kindergarten class! This class will teach you how to communicate with your dog in a positive manner and allows for a lot of socialization opportunities with people, puppies and objects. We also do confidence building activities as well as getting your puppy used to being held for when they visit the vet or groomer.
We will review:

  • potty training
  • crate training
  • play-biting
  • basic commands such as let’s go, sit, down, go to your bed, and come.

Please email me for exceptions on age requirements. Go to our contact page and shoot us an email to get on the list for our next class!

Private In-Home Puppy Training Options

Puppy Consult – (1) One and a Half Hour Lesson

In this 1.5 hr long lesson we will get you on the right path to raising a well-adjusted puppy.   We will talk to you about grooming, handling, play-biting, barking, potty training, as well as any other puppy questions you may have.

Puppy Head Start Program – (3) One-Hour Lessons

This program is perfect for the first time puppy owner or people who want to get a great head start with their pup.  The puppy 3 pack provides help with common puppy behaviors such as play biting or nipping, barking, jumping, crate training, and potty training.  We also work on confidence building so your puppy learns not to be afraid of new things and people.  In the three lessons we will begin teaching your pup the basic commands and getting a head start into more advanced obedience.  An example of some commands are leave it, sit, down, come and go to your bed. We can also meet at public areas such as the downtown Hardwick so your puppy can meet new people and be around lots of different sounds and scents.  This program is great for puppies under 5 months old!

*This program also includes phone, email, and text support.

Well Rounded Puppy Program – (6) One-Hour Lessons, (3) Days of School, and all training equipment included!

This is the ultimate puppy program!  In this program your puppy will have a thorough understanding of the basic commands: heel, sit/stay, down/stay, go to your bed, come, leave it, and off.  We will work on confidence building and socialization during the *crucial* stage of learning, as well as address any puppy problems such as play biting, jumping, potty training, and chewing.  We will then work together to continue the training so your dog will listen to you in all  different environments and scenarios on and off leash!

Getting your puppy off on the right foot is essential to having a peaceful and harmonious household.  This program is perfect to start for puppies as young as 8 weeks!

We can’t wait to meet you and your dog!