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Private Dog Training Lessons

Your dog is a perfect pet, almost. He’s friendly with new people, great around other dogs, and never gets in trouble. He just chills out in the house most of the time. But you know he’d benefit from exercise and loves to spend time outside. You’d like to take him for walks more often. But dog walks aren’t fun for you because he pulls on his leash. You feel like he’s walking you!  If you live in Burlington, Montpelier, or Northeast Kingdom, Vermont or New Hampshire, consider our Private Dog Training Lessons.

Well Mannered Mutt Program – 3 – one hour lessons 

Plus support via phone/text/email for 3 months after training

Do you have trouble walking your dog on leash?  Does your dog get so excited when guests come over that it’s hard for him to calm down?  If so, then this program is for you.  This program is great for the dog that just needs a little bit of guidance to become the perfect family pet.  This private lesson package is not suitable for dogs with leash reactivity.

The Most Diligent Owner Program – 5 – one hour lessons 

Plus support via phone/text/email for 6 months after training

This package is for the owner who has the time to do the training themselves. The lessons are scheduled one week apart with homework to work on in between lessons.  It includes the commands: heel, sit, place, down, and come.  It also includes working on behavioral issues like mild leash reactivity, jumping up, barking, and crate training.  Your dog will also become reliable off leash which is great for having control when guests visit, going hiking with your dog, and/or taking your dog to the beach!

Your dog doesn’t have to be the only one to enjoy those walks. You both can! If you’re ready to start enjoying walks with your dog, contact Jennifer at Diligent Dogs today to learn more about our private dog training lessons offered in the Northeast Kingdom.

We can’t wait to meet you and your dog!