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Board & Train Programs

Don’t stress about dog training—if you simply don’t have time to train your dog or puppy, our Board and Train Program is the perfect fit. Deliver your puppy or adult dog to Diligent Dogs in Glover, Vermont and your dog will spend one or two weeks with Jennifer and go home a new dog! We’ll train your pup using humane and fair training techniques, leaving your dog happy and fulfilled, while also providing structure and leadership.  It doesn’t get any easier than this! Contact Diligent Dogs today to get started.

14 Day Residency Program

plus 3 follow-up lessons, plus support via phone/text/email

  • Does your dog pull to see other dogs?  
  • How about barking and lunging?
  • Does your dog not come when called?
  • Or maybe jumping on guests and not settling down? 

This 14-day Board and Train Program is great for dogs who may be stubborn, or who have a multitude of things you would like to work on.  It’s for the busy family who wants a well-behaved pet, but does not have the time to start training. We customize each and every individual training program to work on your specific goals. 

During the 14-day Board and Train Program, your dog will:

  • Be able to learn all the commands in a clear and concise manner with little confusion.
  • Go home knowing the following commands: heel, sit-stay, down-stay, place, leave it, wait, and come—both on- and off-leash.

Your dog will enjoy pack walks and trips to downtown areas for socialization.  This program will give you a great head start into restructuring the leadership in the household, and will give you the tools you need to continue on with a successful relationship with your dog.

7 Day Residency Program

plus 2 follow-up lessons, plus support via phone/text/email

In just 7 days your dog will learn heel, sit-stay, place and come.  These commands are helpful for everyday life and can prevent annoying habits such as pulling on leash, counter-surfing, jumping up and chasing.  We will also work on key elements to a good relationship such as building trust and respect between you and your dog. This package is great for a busy family with an easy going dog that just needs a little bit of training to become perfect!

At the end of the seven days your dog will be trained and respond to commands on leash only.  If you choose to work using a remote collar it is a great start to transitioning to off leash reliability.

Remote collars are sold for an additional $175.

We can’t wait to meet you and your dog!